Online demo

This online demo will allow you to test the text extraction capabilities of the PdfToText class.

Just provide a sample PDF file, click on the Scan file button below, then you will be prompted to download a .TXT file containing the text that has been extracted from your sample.

Pdf file to be scanned :
Note : File size is limited to 8Mb

Extraction options :
Block separator : 
Sometimes, blocks of text inside a sentence appear concatenated in the output, while Adobe Acrobat Reader clearly shows a distinction between them. This is especially common for PDF files containing data in tabular format, such as reports.

You can force the PdfToText class to put a separator between such blocks of text, so that your output parsing will become easier.

Just put any string you want in this field : it will set the BlockSeparator property of the PdfToText, and will act as a delimiter in the output.
Use basic layout rendering option :

The PdfToText class extracts the text contents in the order they appear in the PDF flow. This order may be different from the order they are displayed by tools such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

By checking this option, you tell PdfToText to render the output in the correct order. It provides better layout results for most common files (reports, for example). However, it can still be confused by PDF files generated with complex tools.

However, I'm continuously enhancing this feature so, if the extracted text does not match what you did expect, please feel free to signal the issue at the end of the demo !